Whether you are on a street or on a track, brake pads are the single most important safety feature on your car. Your pads should always stop — period.

The value in our products comes not just from price, but from having a safe product with excellent build quality that can deliver great stopping power over a long life. As a business, we are obsessed with creating the best value out there.


Our family has been in the friction business for 4 generations. It has been something of a family motto that whatever you choose to do, you must be passionate about it. Passion is infectious: that’s why at FDP, everyone from the designers to the engineers at our factory shares our passion for high-performance products. 


A family company from the start, FDP began with the acquisition of the Thiokol Brake Lining Division in 1969. Manufacturing the former Thiokol Friction Division Products out of their factory in Trenton, New Jersey, the brand shortened their name to FDP by 1970. At that time FDP was the OEM supplier for Ford’s D1 platform, more commonly recognized as the Mustang.

After a few more acquisitions, FDP purchased Quality Automotive which was based in Tappahannock, Virginia. It was here where FDP merged all of their plants to become the home which they operate out of today. FDP takes great pride in being a family business and having some of those who worked in Trenton over 40 years ago still with the company today.

We have been
an OEM supplier
since 1969.


We have been an OEM supplier since 1969. Since then, they’ve been the OEM brake for cars such as the Ford D1 platform, more commonly known as the Mustang as well as in 85% of all Ford’s passenger cars. Our families brakes have also been the chosen OEM offering for many Chrysler and Maserati products.