Stop-and-go city driving. Two lane roads with hidden hazards. Cars cutting across highway lanes. Not to mention rain, snow, sleet or more. Whatever the braking hazard or road conditions, when you need to stop, you need brake pads that meet OEM specs.

That’s especially true for today’s vehicles with ABS systems, which place heavy demands on brake pads. Besides your tires, your brake pads are the only other difference between you stopping effectively, or filling out an accident report. Why risk it with unregulated aftermarket pads that probably don’t measure up to OEM specs?

Our pads meet or exceed OEM standards because FDP has actually been the OEM pad supplier for a wide range of makes and models. Since 1969, FDP brake pads have been helping the world’s top automakers make sure that their vehicles can stop as effectively and reliably as possible.

Download the MaxStop-PLUS
Disc Brake Pad Flyer

MaxStop-PLUS Disc Brake Pads

MaxStop Plus is the #1 preferred brake pad for our professional installers. Vehicle-specific friction compounds ensure that our pads will feel, fit, and perform the same as the OE brake pads originally on the vehicle. MaxStop Plus disc brake pads also come with hardware kits included, which give the professional installers everything they need to do the job right. Slots, chamfers, and shims reduce vibration and noise to deliver smooth quiet braking.

  • Vehicle Specific Friction Formulations – Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, Organic
  • Hardware Kits Included
  • Slots, Chamfers, and Shims that Suppress Noise
  • Superior Stopping Performance
  • Made in the USA
Download the MaxStop Ceramic
Disc Brake Pad Flyer

MaxStop Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

FDP has been manufacturing ceramic brake pads since 1985. Through years of experience and continued research and development breakthroughs, FDP’s MaxStop Ceramic Disc Pad Line provides the ultimate brake pad for low dust and quiet braking. Combining this with MaxStop Ceramic’s excellent life and superior performance, its easy to understand why this is our fastest growing product line.

  • Ceramic Formulation = Super Quiet Perfomance
  • Low Dust for Cleaner Wheels
  • Great Stopping Power with Long Life
  • Slots, Chamfers, and Shims that Suppress Noise
Download the MaxStop Disc Brake Pad Flyer

MaxStop Disc Brake Pads

MaxStop is a quality disc brake pad line at a great value. Premium quality OE-matched friction material delivers consistent performance, while shims, slots, and chamfers reduce noise. With 99.8% coverage for all passenger vehicles, SUVs and light trucks, MaxStop is fullest entry-level pad line in the market today.

  • Shims, Slots and Chamfers like OE
  • Over 99% Coverage of all Passenger Vehicles, SUVs and Light Trucks
  • OE Matched Friction Formulations – Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, Organic
  • Safe, Sure Stopping Power

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