Performance backed by 500+ million pads

Since 1969 FDP has been developing the industry’s safest, highest performing products - more than 500 million pads and counting, all of them designed and tested in the USA. Whatever the application, FDP pads and shoes will deliver exceptional stopping power and value over a long service life.


Stop-and-go city driving. Two lane roads with hidden hazards. Cars cutting across highway lanes. Not to mention rain, snow, sleet or more. Whatever the braking hazard or road conditions, when you need to stop, you need brake pads that meet OEM specs.

That’s especially true for today’s vehicles with ABS systems, which place heavy demands on brake pads. Besides your tires, your brake pads are the only thing between you stopping effectively, or filling out an accident report. Why risk it with unregulated aftermarket pads that may not measure up to OEM specs?

Our pads meet or exceed OEM standards because FDP has actually been the OEM pad supplier for a wide range of makes and models since 1969.


Performance vehicles demand high performance brake pads. Fortunately, FDP’s quest for superior pad compounds and designs is ongoing and aimed at addressing challenges for three performance vehicle applications:

Towing vehicles - Braking applications in tow trucks require a great deal of force and generate a lot of friction, but only do so sporadically. Think sudden, unexpected stops, or extended, sharp downhill descents. FDP brake pads can endure the toughest towing forces to significantly outlast other pads.

Racing vehicles - Braking in racing generates short periods of extremely intense heat. And seasonal temperature swings matter - a track with ambient temperatures low enough to keep the brake pads cool in March may be hot enough to fry them in July. FDP compounds for racing applications can handle the highest temperature spikes.

Fleet vehicles - Police squad cars, ambulances, fire trucks and other heavy-duty fleet vehicles endure both towing and racing demands. Periods of spirited driving, with high speeds and sudden stops can combine with very heavy loads. FDP solutions can meet these mixed requirements, as well as the made-in-the-USA provisos that govern many municipal fleets.

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