FDP Friction Science

Quality Brakes for Every Car


It’s pitch dark. Heavy rain obscures your vision as you drive along a winding, country road. Your headlights dance on wet, slippery roads.  As you turn the corner, a deer wanders onto the road fifty feet ahead of you. This is the moment when you want flawless, dependable brakes. You want brakes with a smooth but tenacious response that keeps you out of harm’s way. In short, you want FDP brakes. And whether you need brakes for your own car or you’re buying them for an automobile manufacturer, warehouse distributor, auto-parts retailer or local garage, you can find what you need in our comprehensive line of brake pads and shoes.

We’ve been developing brake technology and listening to customers since 1969, so we know brakes and understand what you want. You want quality you can trust. We’ve earned the trust of Ford and Chrysler, companies who made us a preferred supplier back in the 80’s, and we work every day to earn your trust too. You want brakes that are whisper quiet, effortless to use, environmentally safe, rotor friendly and low dusting so your wheels stay spotless longer. We’ve broken through technological barriers and won thirteen patents across the globe to bring you these qualities in brakes that last 30% longer. 

So we have what you want in a brake, but do we have the brakes you want? 

No other company has a more extensive line of brake pads and shoes—guaranteed! Whether you want premium, high-performance brakes or economy workhorses, we’ve got it. If it’s a brake pad or shoe that’s hard to find, look no further. You can find brakes here for next year’s models before you’ll find them anywhere else. And after other manufacturers have long forgotten brakes for yesteryear’s classics, we’ve still got them. If the brake you need isn’t sitting on our shelves, we can make it right here in the United States, in the historic town of Tappahannock, Virginia. 

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