Three generations of friction science

When the Carney family acquired the Thiokol Brake Lining Division, located in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1969, FDP Friction Science was born – and with it, our passion for brake technology and friction science.

By 1970, FDP was the OEM brake supplier for Ford’s Thunderbird platform. This front brake pad was known as the D1, the first brake pad ever listed by the Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI). Following a few more acquisitions, we purchased Quality Automotive in Tappahannock, Virginia, whose site became the sole FDP manufacturing facility and company headquarters.

Today, three Carney generations later, FDP Friction Science is a global supplier of disc pads and brake shoes with nearly 500 employees – some of whom started in our Trenton facility more than 40 years ago. Our clients range from OE manufacturers, retailers and warehouse distributors, exporters and other brake manufacturers.

From our R&D facility in Morrisville, Pennsylvania to our manufacturing line in Virginia, FDP remains passionate about supplying our OEM and aftermarket customers and innovating with our race partners, to continue developing the industry’s most innovative, highest performance brake pads and shoes.

2,000 + Years of Braking

From chariots in the Roman Coliseum to stockcars on today’s NASCAR tracks, the history of brakes has taken some interesting turns. Here’s a look at where braking has been, and where innovators like FDP are taking it.

From our R&D facility in Morrisville, Pennsylvania to our manufacturing line in Virginia, FDP remains passionate about supplying our OEM and aftermarket customers with the industry’s most innovative, highest performance brake pads and shoes.


The only thing we don’t stop is innovation

Whether you’re driving on the street, highway or track, brake pads are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads should stop the vehicle – period.

At FDP Friction Science, we’ve built our business on this proposition. Everything we do is to help make braking as safe and reliable as possible. And it’s more necessary than you might imagine.

That’s because there are no industry or government regulations that apply to brake pads. So aftermarket pads can be something of a gamble. At FDP, we leave nothing to chance. We subject our processes to the tightest quality controls, and our products to the most extensive lab and road testing available.

Ultimately, our focus on safety and reliability results in higher-quality, longer-lasting products. So FDP pads and shoes don’t just ensure a higher degree of safety, they also deliver a better long-term value.

President's Message

On behalf of everyone here at FDP Friction Science, thanks so much for visiting our site and taking a closer look at who we are and what we do. Since 1969, three generations of Carneys and hundreds of FDP team members have been living up to our old family motto – that whatever you choose to do, you must be passionate about it.

For FDP, that’s meant a passionate pursuit of knowledge about friction and braking technology. It’s also meant a passionate dedication to delivering the highest quality, highest performance products – all of which are designed and tested in the USA.

It’s an approach that’s allowed us to make the best brake pads and shoes that we possibly can – products that Carney family members actually test and use before we offer them to you. In short, we’re more than confident that FDP pads and shoes will always deliver great stopping power and great value over a long service life. Thanks again for your consideration of FDP Friction Science and our proven products!

Jack Carney

President, FDP Friction Science


Refining friction science for more than 50 years

At FDP, we’ve been advancing brake technology and friction science since our founding. In 1970, we started supplying Ford with brakes for their D1 platform – AKA the Mustang. That began five decades of working with the world’s leading automotive OEMs, including Chevrolet, Chrysler and Maserati.

Today, 12 patents and more than 500 million brake pads later, FDP Friction Science continues to partner with Tier One OEMs to develop next-generation brake specs and braking products.

It all starts at our Research and Development facility in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where we innovate the industry’s most advanced brake compounds and pad designs. FDP products are then subjected to validation in our own facilities using Chase and inertia dynamometer tests. Rigorous road testing follows, and even includes FDP family – we specially fit brake pads to vehicles owned by Carney family members, who test them under real-world conditions for several months.

Bottom line? FDP’s combination of compounds, design, assembly, quality control, and validation enables an extremely high quality range of brake pads and shoes for a range of braking applications.

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